Links of Recommendation

The links provided here are not just meant for you to click. They are letters or recommendation. They will take you to resources that the GTD Zone staff hold in high regard and hope you find useful. Any and all productivity tools, periodicals, literature, and seminars linked to are meant to inform the reader of their existence. GTD Zone does not derive any income from any paid for service or goods, which really is a crying shame when you think about it.

Productivity Tools

  • FacileThings: A browser-based online application that firmly sticks to David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. The application is one of Cyrus’s favorites and allows interested users a free 30 day trial to determine if the application is a good fit. FactileThings is under active development and maintains a blog containing articles on productivity.
  • GQueues: A browser-based online application that allows users to create lists. Each item in the list can be dragged and dropped to organize the perfect visual representation of multiple dependencies. Lists are contained in folders and then individual items can be extracted via filter views.

Great Reading Resources

  • 43 Folders: While not regularly maintained, this website contains great articles on productivity. Those interested in explore the proper use of a Tickler file will find great information here.

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