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About Cyrus (Founder/Co-Editor)

Cyrus is a professional writer, content strategist, and information architect. He is passionate about new ideas, processes, technology, communication, and ukuleles. His quest for productivity perfection began shortly after college when he realized that he had no idea how to juggle life, a new career, and a new marriage all at the same time. After reading many books, trying many different techniques, and drinking way too much sugary beverages, Cyrus came to realize that the pursuit for perfection was flawed (oh, the irony). He now spends his time testing, refining, and learning as he goes, while attempting to lose weight. Which isn't easy when you are in your 40's.

Zen & Long Car Trips or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Portable DVD Player

For the record, I am not against television as a medium in which information is shared. I do think there are better ways to get your information, as television is rather one-sided and tends to interject disruptive random nonsensical ads into their programs. I understand the reason for this, however, and am not about to preach to any person or company who is trying to make an honest buck using a tried and true business model. Continue reading

Dad’s Do Crazy Things

When I found out that my family would be spending 2 weeks in the Olympic National Forest, I looked up the flora and fauna in the area and came across two interesting facts. The fist was that cougars were known to have attacked parties hiking on well-maintained trails and sometimes running off with young children. Yikes. The second and much less horrific fact was the forest was home to the banana slug. Continue reading