Zen & Long Car Trips or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Portable DVD Player

For the record, I am not against television as a medium in which information is shared. I do think there are better ways to get your information, as television is rather one-sided and tends to interject disruptive random nonsensical ads into their programs. I understand the reason for this, however, and am not about to preach to any person or company who is trying to make an honest buck using a tried and true business model. Continue reading

Dad’s Do Crazy Things

When I found out that my family would be spending 2 weeks in the Olympic National Forest, I looked up the flora and fauna in the area and came across two interesting facts. The fist was that cougars were known to have attacked parties hiking on well-maintained trails and sometimes running off with young children. Yikes. The second and much less horrific fact was the forest was home to the banana slug. Continue reading